KACN-TV Channel 38 and GCI Channel 1


KACN-TV Channel 38 and GCI Channel 1
4640 Old Seward Highway, Suite 203, Anchorage AK US 99503
Website: http://www.kacn.tv
Email: katy.parrish@kacn.tv

KACN-TV, based in Anchorage, Alaska, is a new low-power television station broadcasting on channel 38. KACN's mission is to provide for improved communication between rural and urban Alaska through television and the internet.

KACN-TV broadcasts a mix of local Alaskan programming daily from both professional and amateur video producers. Focusing on empowering youth participation, KACN provides equipment and facilities for anyone to make their own programming to be broadcast in Anchorage, and hopefully Statewide in the future. Programming produced independantly is also welcome, provided it is of local Alaskan origin or interest.

At other times, KACN-TV broadcasts a classic movie channel "White Springs TV" with movies starting every two hours without commercial interruption.

KACN-TV is available on channel 38 in Anchorage, and also on GCI Channel 1 across the state at selected times.

• KACN-TV, Channel 38 in Anchorage, offers unique advertising opportunities while broadcasting a mix of community programs produced by local and rural Alaskans and classic movies from White Springs TV.
• Alaskan programs have the priority for daily scheduling. KACN-TV also accepts trade and is a member of Executive One Alaska.
• Traditional 30 second advertising spots, business profiles and programming sponsorships are available.
• KACN programming is retransmitted in 19 communities across the state on GCI Channel 1 reaching over 145,000 viewers.
• Please contact sales@kacn.tv for rates and more information.

Priced From $50.00

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